Monday, July 04, 2011

My scrap space

Hi there everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend and had a bit of time to be creative. I managed to do some baking, scrapping, socialising and relaxing. Even though the weather was wet and cold, I had a great time.
Today I'm back (as promised) with pics of my 'new' scraproom. I almost chickened out again! Lol!
WARNING: Photo heavy post ahead!!
I'll start with the before photos.  This was the view from our lounge room taken towards my scrapping area, which used to be the dining room to the previous owners. Messy hey?
This was the view from the door to the kitchen looking towards my scrap space.  When we move in 6 and half years ago, I used to have a lot less stuff. :)  I bought the brown cubes for my scrappy stuff a few years ago and the white wardrobe which used to be in the baby room 18 years ago, held all my other hobby things (sewing, decoupage, fabric paint, jewelery making, etc).

These 2 stationary cupboards belong to my DH and myself. His is on the left and mine on the right. You don't really want to know what's in there. :)
This is DH starting to assemble all the new shelves.  I was doing the unpacking and making space.

 A pic of some of the new shelves in place.
And a view of my finished scrap room taken today. This is taken from the same spot in the lounge room as the first pic in this post.  It looks so much better with those 2 big stationary cupboards out of the way. It looks and feels so much bigger.  Unfortunately, we had to keep them in this room as we didn't have anywhere else to go with them and we need the packing space.
 Another view of my room. This part of the floor is raised by a step level and I now overlook the lounge room and can sit and scrap while DH is watching tv and still feel part of it. He likes it too. :)
A pic of my desk from the side. I've got drawers with all of the little items I might need in the shelves next to me and a great lamp shining straigt over my work.  My Silhouette machine is now right next to me for when I need it and is in easy reach of my laptop.  In the cubes in the front, I have containers with all my flowers, stamps, punches, etc. Most of my containers are labled but I haven't done them all yet.
 Here are my shelves again, but full this time. :)
 A close up (because I love close ups so much) of my taller shelves. The 3 containers on the top has all my cardstock, my left over cardstock and left over pattern papers in. The cube on the top left has my Circut cartridges and my glimmer mists in the container in front of them. To the right of that are little spice containers from Ikea with buttons and flowers.  The second row has 3 photo boxes, my Cuttlebug and a small carry container for all my loose pearls and rhinestones (from HBS).  The 4 baskets at the bottom have various things in, like one is for cardmaking stuff and already made cards, one is for all my felt, crochet cottons, etc.
A close up of my lower shelves. The thingy hiding under the cloth on the top left is my sewing mschine. My Cricut machine is in the middle and my Clip It Up is on the right where I hang all my rub ons and stickers sheets, etc.  I've got 2 cubes with drawers in them, but I'm planning to add 2 more to the left of those.  The cube on the top left has a container with all my Thickers and some cubes have magazines, albums and containers with chipboard, ribbon, Cuttlebug dies, etc.  The blue totebag in front of the shelves houses most of my pattern papers which are all in plastic ziplock bags in manufacterer and collection order.  I was thinking of putting those in a cube too but because I regulary go to crops, I like to keep my things quite mobile IYKWIM. ;)
A view from the door to the kitchen.
DH is going to get me a nice comfortable office chair next weekend to complete the picture. He is such a star. :)
I still have a few things up my sleeve to organise my room even better, but for now I'm happy with it.  I am loving creating in there and have quite a few layouts to share but I'll leave that for another day.  This post is already SO LONG!  If you made it this far, you've done very well.  I hope you can get an idea of where I create now. :)
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a wonderful week.
Until next time.
M xox


Colleen B. said...

Oh its perfect!!! Love the changes you made and love that you still 'with' the family while you creating, it makes it so much more fun :)

krissie said...

What a great scraproom!!! If only the previous owners had have seen it's full potential instead of using it for dining. Where were their priorities!!! ;) xoxo

Alanna said...

Looks good - love how you can be part of the living room while you scrap! Great room changeover!! Thanks for sharing :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Marelize!! Thanks for sharing your make over!! So much fun that you showed a before and after. Wow!! What a lovely space you have and everything matches so perfectly! Must be terrific being central while scrapping. I sometimes feel guilty to leave my husband and hide away to scrap. :( You have so much amazing storage space here and your natural light must be terrific with your huge window!! Lucky you and how sweet of your husband to do all of this for you!! P.S I sometimes look at my dining room that is used once a year at Christmas and dream of making it into my scrap space. The table is huge and I could pack away the china and fill my cabinet with buttons and bling!! Oh I dream of natural light! Maybe someday?? ;)

Helen Tilbury said...

All looks very organised & practical. Very similar to mine but I have less space :( Love the Clip-it-up - do you recommend it? I am thinking of importing a couple to help me organise even better...Well done to you & your husband for a job well done :)

Lynette said...

Great to see your creative space...and it is so cool to still be part of the family, and be able to scrap.

Belinda said...

WOW!! What a fantastic work area!! Looks great Marelize!!

Lisa Amiet said...

You and hubby have done a fabulous job! Your room looks wonderfully organised and its great to still be a part of things too! Hope you are having a lovely week xoxo

Rachael Funnell said...

Looks FAB U LAS... loving the before & after pic's
Thanks for Sharing!!!

Kim said...

oooooooo it looks just lovely , so clean and fresh, i would love to come and scrap there!

Sharon said...

Great Job 'M' it looks fantastic! I can see why you were so excited about getting it finished you lucky girl!

Jasmine S said...

What a difference some great shelves make. Love how tidy it is. Now you have to share a photo in a couple of weeks and see if it is still so neat....hehe.

aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow, this is super stunning Marelize, what a difference this has made and having everything so at your fingertips, I couldn't help but laugh at Jasmine's comment, you should see my kitchen table. Melx

Heather Jacob said...

wow how organised and tidy .. looks fantastic ... well done I bet you love it ... woohoo !! wont be able to get you out of there ???!!!
thanks for sharing, wonderful ... big hugz x

Cathy said...

WOW looks fantastic Marelize.. so organised.. love the before and after pics!! :)))

Linda said...

Wow, what a great scrap space, Marelize...I love how you have your own space, but can still be part of family stuff that's happening in the lounge room :) perfect!

Linda said...

Yay...looks like my comment has worked?!
I haven't been able to comment on your blog for soooo long. I found out that if I untick the "keep me signed in" box...all should be fixed - & it looks like it is! :))))

Kerryn said...

You've done an awesome job, it looks fabulous!!

Clare said...

Wow what an amazing scrap space darlin. So nice as you are still part of the lounge with the family (hopefully that is a good thing lol!). Love all of that shelving. So neat and tidy you won't want to leave the room!!!. Hugs Clare xxx