Thursday, September 27, 2012


...I am getting time to sit down and do a blog post! I've been meaning to do this all week, but I'm afraid I'm still in that rat race I was talking about.  This is a layout I've completed over the weekend using the gorgeous MME 'The Sweetest Thing - Honey' collection.  I took these pics of my DD at the end of last year.  She'd been negotiating for a very long time to get her belly button pierced and we finally gave her permission.  Lol! It wasn't an easy one for us, as DH and I are not really keen on body piercings and tatoos.  Well, I suppose with a belly button piercing we never see it so it hasn't been bothering us too much. :)  I just hope the next request is not for a tattoo! :O
 A little close up on the the gorgeous layered stickers that come with this collection.
 Another layered sticker and some enamel dots.  All product used are available from 'The Scrapbook Store'.
Well, it my baby girl's last day of school EVER tomorrow! Tonight we will attend the Year 12 Students/Parents Dinner.  I cannot believe that this is the end of having school going children for us. They grow up way too fast! A bit sad really. :(   Now, all that's left is some real hard study time and hoping for some good results in theWACE exams in November. :)
That's all I have to share for today.  I have another layout ready to be photographed but the weather has turned very nasty here in Perth during the last 2 - 3 days. So much for Spring weather! It's freezing cold today.  I think the maximum was 15. :O
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Have a super wonderful weekend!
I'm hoping to do some blog hopping of my own soon so will see you over at your blog.
Until next time.
M xox


Kim Price said...

I know how you feel Marelize. You have these beautiful and perfect little girls and they want to go do silly things like get body piercings and tattoos. Our eldest just accidentally let me get a glimpse of the new art she has on her shoulder. It's very hard sometimes to be a parent. But your layout is fantastic and I love that you are embracing her piercing even though it's not what you had in mind for her. I just love what you have done with this collection.

Kerryn said...

This is just gorgeous Marelize!

Jennifer Shaw said...

A beautiful LO Marlize. Love the colours here and that amazing background paper. Your DD looks so happy! We gave in to our DD when she was 16 but only on the promise that she would not go in the tanning booths again. I figured that a belly piercing was way safer. Our rule with the girls was that they couldn't pierce anything in or around their mouth that would ruin the thousands of dollars of teeth work we had invested in. We also said that they could not have a tattoo until they were 18 (legal age) because if they hated it later, then they couldn't blame us for letting them do it. ;) My eldest has 2 now, one of which she already hates. My youngest has 3 which she still loves. One is a huge female buddha that covers much of one of her sides. :( I have the feeling that she will detest it one day.

Judith said...

Beautiful layout. Good on you for holding out as long as you did over the body piercing. Some of my daughters friends have them at age 13. Can't believe their parents allow it.

Moonie said...

Well there looks like there are a few of us that have been or are in your boat ATM.. daughters wanting this kind of stuff. I postponed for so long for my Danielle to get her belly done. Out of the blue I let her get it while on holidays in NZ.. at the time she wasnt nagging me so it was a real surprise and treat for her. Sadly when she turned 18 she wanted her first little tattoo.. I said I would not go with her and get it done... but i knew she would anyway as she wanted this. For her 19th and the day she left home she got another one.. both small.. but I do not like them. Tattoos in general. I just have to put my likes and dislikes aside as she is a grown woman now and all i can do is give my opinion. The end of the day we did what we wanted to... and I didnt do such a bad job. Pity its a marking on her beautiful body for the rest of her life.. I looove what you have done with your layout Marelize. I am loving this range too. So fresh and I am loving the colours so much. Love the splash of red in there too. your girl is very beautiful.. but then so are you xx

Lynette said...

Your layout is so beautiful. I love the way you documented this piercing although you don't really like it. I am glad it isn't only me and my DH that feel this way about tattoos and piercings.

Yes, my friend...they grow up and move on with their lives much too soon. I do have to tell you that with the amount of love you have sown into their lives they will never truly leave your hearts or your lives.


Helen Tilbury said...

Beautiful layout Marelize - your daughter is getting more and more beautiful by the day. We held out for as long as we could with ours too - now she also has a very pretty butterfly on her belly :)

Kim said...

I am digging those banners you have created Marelize!

Tracey said...

Great layout the banners. What a fun page......I can relate to this post so much too! I can handle piercing , I'm not one for Tats. So far my daughter has just got a few in her ears.

Al Hannah said...

Marelize it is a good compromise! The piercing looks great - as you said it's hidden! And I think they look great on girls. I'm not condoning piercings because I certainly discourage my own boys. But I would rather a hidden piercing than a tattoo any day. Having said that, we have offered money to our boys to discourage any tattoos ;)